Sharing borders with India, China, Laos, and Thailand, Burmese cuisine is inevitably influenced by the spices, seasonings, ingredients, and cooking techniques of its neighbors. Yet the food of Burma is distinctly unique. Uniting traditions from the country's coastal, forest, tropical, and MOUNTAINOUS cultures, our restaurants bring a taste of the crossroads of Southeast Asia to Northern California. 

  • The wait for a table may last as long as the meal, but devotees of this spot serving Burmese food don't seem to mind.
  • Worth it? Yes. Burma Superstar is still one of the leading Burmese restaurants in the city and continues to consistently serve up well-prepared dishes.
  • The interesting part of the group's new restaurant is the homey dishes that aren't on the menu anywhere else, such as the duck curry.
  • It's pretty clear that this take on traditional Burmese cuisine is doing everything right. Come prepared with an empty stomach to devour the coconut rice, indulge in the Rainbow Salad and try the Chili Lamb. Better strategy: bring friends so you can try every dish on the menu.
  • The pumpkin pork stew is so delicious and soothing, it'll make you wish it was freezing out.